How Learning A Foreign Language Will Improve Your English

download (54)You’ve probably read several articles about foreign language and the benefits it can have in one’s life. But did you know that learning a foreign language may actually improve your English skills as well? This article will highlight two reasons why your English can benefit greatly from learning a new language.

#1: Learning A Foreign Language Forces You To Pay Attention To Grammar And Sentence Structure

Every language is different, but all languages have one thing in common: they all adhere to a certain set of rules as far as grammar and sentence structure are concerned. For example, in Spanish, a negative statement would come before a verb such as “no hablo ingles” which means “I do not speak English”, but in German, a negative statement comes after the verb such as “ich spreche kein Englisch” which literally means “I speak no English”.

As you spend time learning each language and its set of grammar and sentence structure, it helps you understand English grammar and sentence structure much better. You begin to understand the importance of putting an adverb or adjective in the right place. Thus, your English can benefit if you are learning a foreign language.

#2: Many English Words Take Their Origins From A Foreign Language

If you’ve read through a list of vocabulary words, you might have taken time to look at what language the word originated from. For example, Kindergarten is a German word that literally means “yard of children”. Even the word “ketchup” had its origins in Chinese. English is a language that borrowed many of its words from foreign languages.

The best way to take advantage of this is to pay attention to the smaller words in each language and pay attention to their translation. Often times, the smaller words will be words that are used as prefixes in English such as “anim” which is a prefix in latin which means full of life, or can also mean anger. The important takeaway is that no matter what language you learn, it will always contain a set of words that are used in English, thus, learning a language can help improve your English vocabulary.