The Horse in Ancient Rock Art

images (23)Marriage to the sun is the dream identified in ancient sites as archaeologists uncover their many mysteries. Correctly interpreting them, however, is impossible without a deeper knowledge of what drives men to imagine gods and to posit the forces of nature as evil. My understanding is derived from memory of reincarnation and knowledge that the Spirit of the Universe is in control and it has directed man’s thinking along these lines.

The purpose was to invoke a system that led to control and disciplines that brought order and structure to humanity. It took our ancestors out of the jungles and turned them from their nomadic life into ‘civilised’ beings that formed structures, laws, and religions.

The sun was the most desirable god of all and it created images that were copied into rock art and other records that are now available for study. During the Ice Age and beyond the ‘horse’ is depicted along with the ‘bull’, auroch, and deer in remarkable scenes in caves in Europe and elsewhere.

The images in the Chauvet Cave in France, discovered in 1994, and the Coliboaia Cave in Romania both appear to date to something like 40,000 years ago. So far these are the oldest known with rock art in Indonesia and Australia dating to some 35,000 years.

The main subjects are animals and stencils of hands and this raises several issues. Why would human ancestors be so obsessed with these animals that they crawled into caves, and into out-of-the-way areas within them that were only accessible through tiny crevices and sometimes huge drops, to paint them? Their source of light were tiny oil lamps that were hard on the eyes while the detail of their work is amazing.

The other puzzle is the replication of animals without models to go by. That infers a familiarity with the shape, colour, and features of the beasts that required nothing more than their imagination to reproduce them. The question remains why?

Prominent in the works is the horse and this is the subject of this discussion because its name derives from ‘o-r-s’ which means ‘circle-power-light’. This is known because of my study of ancient sounds and symbols and because of a vision given to me by the Spirit. It showed light passing through a perforated stone as the rays of the rising sun produced circles of coloured rings.

Watching on was a group of observers who fell to their knees in awe. ‘Awe’ is from ‘o-r’ and it means ‘sun’ in ancient language. ‘Or-s’ is, therefore, sunlight and the beams of light that form in conjunction with the image was how men dreamed they could rise upwards to heaven by riding on them.

We still hear stories of riding on sunbeams and when men took to riding on the beast it was called ‘ors’ and with the letter [h] added from the Greek it became ‘horse’. The marriage of the sun with the ‘bull’ or ‘ox’ is called ‘equin-ox’ where ‘equine’ is horse. In ancient times it was ‘I-quin’ or ‘eye-queen’ and the sun was the ‘queen of heaven.’